PNG Tambul: Siphon vs. Clever Dripper!

Presenting! PNG Tambul in: Siphon vs. Clever Dripper!!

This morning I elected to break from the ordinary, and do two brew methods. I wanted to see how substantial of a difference there would be. My theory was that using Siphon would make a bright, eccentric cup, and Clever Dripper would create a more round result. I used Counter Culture’s Tambul, which I had just received in the mail (USPS $5 flat rate from CCC arrives in 2 days! Woot!)

The goal was to find the most balanced cup.

Let the games begin!

Upon first taste, the Siphon is very straight to the point. PNG produces a clarity that I very much enjoy. It’s crisp, with a nice cherry-like after-taste. It’s full-bodied, but there’s nothing that truly stands out other than the fact that I was puckering from the freshness of the coffee (3 days off roast). I also tasted a bit of  cane sugar as the cup cooled down more.

After trying to cleanse my mouth of the Clever Dripper’d Tambul, I had that squeaky clean feeling, created by the coffee not wanting to give up. It was a very crisp, fruit-forward, sweet cup. I wasn’t getting any chocolate, or caramel. I could most definitely *feel* cocoa.

The absolute difference between the two coffees was the roundness: The Siphon’d was tart, where as the Clever Dripper’d was rounder, and more sweet. Both methods gave the same basic cherry, sugared, sweet taste, but they were worlds different in the initial delivery!

To check out Counter Culture Coffee’s PNG Tambul, go here!


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