Tasting Fer Duh Weeen!

You know at the end of tv shows when the producers write in “No animals were harmed in the making of this film.”? Well, just to be clear from the BEGINNING, I agree that all brew methods have something special about them. Even if I am biased toward one brew method, trust that I have curiosity for all of them =).         Except for the French Press…

I was deemed the “brew master” for a brew-fest at my friend, Fillipo’s a little while back. While it was certainly an honor to be put in charge, I was also anxious to keep everything organized (Imagine 6 coffee addicts in one room with 72 oz. of beans.) There’s a lot of added pressure when you’re using someone else’s kitchen to make coffee!
I feel like there’s such a thing as “home field advantage” when making coffee. I was nearly out of my element at my friend’s house (even though I’ve brewed there before.) I brought all of my own equipment, even bottled water (I always use bottled). It was definitely a lot harder to do everything right with an extra 6 people hovering around the kitchen!

After dialing in the coffees, I felt like products being produced from Clever Dripper, Siphon, and Chemex were all being scrutinized by each and every person. I enjoy these opportunities because it helps me see what kind of product people expect from a “Coffee Geek”. Much to my surprise, I was 1 of 2 people attending who enjoyed the Siphon coffee. Everyone else seemed to be enamored by the Chemex and Clever Dripper’s (due credit given) result. I am somewhat biased toward Siphon, but I was thinking to myself during the event “What is it about pour-over coffee that appeals to a wider audience?” Now, take into consideration that there were 6 guys in attendance: a mad coffee scientist, a former barista/coffee fanatic, a genuine coffee connoisseur, a Dunkin’ Donuts fan, myself, and a complete maniac (we love you, Gabe.. Your affection for coffee is unparalleled!) So, the demographic, in my opinion, was awesome. Time-after-time people would gravitate toward the taste that the Clever Dripper and Chemex had to offer! Eventually we were sitting around talking about this topic..  Fortunately, Filippo made a comment about how Siphon tends to take all of the flavors and compress them to where they are all on the same plane. Now, don’t take this the wrong way- he wasn’t saying that it holds flavors at bay, rather, he was saying that they all tend to move “forward” in the cup. I never thought of it that way, but I was over-joyed by Filippo’s statement. Not only did I have a fellow in Siphon allegiance, but he described Siphon coffee in a way that I never would have thought of.

It could also be that Matt is just awesome at Chemex. Because he totally is..

In my opinion, one should try the same coffee through as many brew methods as possible. I like to start with Siphon because of what Filippo said- it really does make every flavor apparent in the cup. Near the end of the coffee-fest, we brewed a coffee, Siphon vs. Clever Dripper to see which method liked the coffee the most. I didn’t *not* like what the Clever Dripper did- it was truly awesome! I feel like it gave a more round cup than the Siphon, but was not as complete flavor-wise.

So, to sum up why I wrote about this in the first place…

The event gave me a bit of perspective as to why our taste buds are our own. I went in to brew-fest, being all confident in my Siphon, only to learn that I need to wake up! I have a goal to make money doing what I love most. I have a goal to educate people who want to learn about coffee. I have a goal to brighten people’s lives to the best of my ability. I am glad to have been put in a situation where people didn’t like the same thing as me, where I wasn’t asking for their money first! I wasn’t disappointed that people weren’t as impressed by Siphon as I thought- I was simply confused… Much better to mentalize this sooner, rather than later!


2 Responses to “Tasting Fer Duh Weeen!”

  1. Can I just state that I’m pouring water into a Keurig to humor someone’s interests? Alright.. Stated..

  2. Sarah Palin Says:

    dude, i’m still soooooo pissed that i missed that.

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