Riding the Aeropress Wave

Today, my partner in crime and I did some Aeropress exploration (Aero..ration?)
The goal was to refine our skill, and hopefully find something that confused us past the point of sanity. The result? Well, I can certainly share with you some of the experiences, but much to our surprise, we have a secret that we won’t tell you.

We used 2 coffees (both CCC): Michicha, Sidama, and Peru, Valle del Santuario. Both coffees are awesome, and I recommend them  =)

I hadn’t been able to spend much time on Aeropress until today. Any previous attempts were at somebody else’s house, or with too-old coffee. I did my research on brewmethods.com to see what other people were doing with theirs’. I knew already that I was going to do the “inverted method”. I also knew that I was going to be dealing with some variables, that I don’t particularly like:

First off, with the Aeropress, I can’t maintain temperature as well as I’d like to. I’m not  certain that it matters *too* much, but I am a syphon fanatic – which means that I am used not worrying about  constant brew temperature.

I was having an issue trying to figure out how much to stir the coffee before plunging. I feel like there’s a bit more agitation during a Aeropress plunge, than the end part of a syphon brew. If my memory serves me, all I had to do was stir so that I knew all the grounds were saturated. I quickly secured the filter and was sure to not rush the plunge process. I think there was around a minute of contact time from water added to finishing the plunge. Alex took a video of the whole thing – I’ll make sure to get it edited and posted as soon as possible.

Lastly, I feel silly for (finally) purchasing a Aeropress as it has recently gained much due press. I suppose I should just say that I hope I don’t fall into a category by writing about this right now..

I can’t complain too much further than that. You can make multiple kinds of cups with the Aeropress! I haven’t even scratched the surface, as it were. This all makes me really want syphon coffee right now..

Please feel free to scrutinize my article. Please also give me advice =) Think of this as a giant question!


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