Couple New Shops in DC

I haven’t really spent a lot of time in front of my computer in the last couple of days. I did however, make an awesome trip to D.C. with a couple friends!

We started off with a trip to Northside Social in Arlington. We wanted to enjoy the weather, so we parked a little ways away. As we were walking, I was staring at my iPhone, finding out which way to go to get there. Despite all of the 15 Tweets I saw from people raving about Northside Social, nobody mentioned it was in Murky’s old building! I would’ve walked right past it, had it not been for the new red paint job. I must say, whoever opened Northside Social, clearly had a look in mind. Everything was very clean, and bright in the main room. The counter tops were all nice chunks of raw(ish) wood, and the upstairs was absolutely beautiful! We were fortunate enough to score some capps from a trainee there, who did an absolute BEAUTIFUL job. I am however, a little sick of seeing Counter Culture everywhere. It’s no dis against CCC – there’s a reason so many shops use their coffee.. Though, my wish for something different was granted when we ended up at Filter, in Dupont Circle.. They’re serving coffee from Caffe Pronto, which is a roaster in Annapolis Maryland. They wouldn’t tell me what was in the espresso blend, but it was epic – I didn’t know a espresso could be so syrupy! It Pronto product was extremely thick, very berry-forward, and smooth as can be. I am very happy for all of Dupont Circle!

Oh, and we also went on the obligatory trip to 2Amy’s Pizza. =) Duh.

Mazzers at Northside Social

Front counter @ Northside

Bar upstairs @ Northside

No more capps @ Northside

Pretty self-explanatory

Pizza Margherita

La Marzocco FB/80 at Filter in Dupont

Bar setup at Fiter


Peregrine, of course.

Pitango Gelato!


2 Responses to “Couple New Shops in DC”

  1. Am I correct in recalling that Murky had live music? Does Northside Social do the same as far as you can tell? Looks like a really cool place. I always like to see the obvious signs of someone putting great thought and care into creating an environment.

  2. To my recollection, they did live music a long time ago, yes. Northside Social opened on Monday, so I think they’re still working out some kinks. I’m hoping to return there soon, so I’ll definitely find out if they’re gonna do any live stuff.

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